Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Research Dogs in Need - Raleigh, NC

UPDATE, May 28: The News & Observer is reporting that the future looks bright for the research dogs:
...arrangements have been made for three of them already. And enough people have called in that the other six will be placed in homes, too...
Thank you BB for the tip.

Original Post:

Dogster is reporting that nine research dogs are in immediate need of adoption at the Vet school in Raleigh. Full details, including photos of the dogs, are on the Dogster blog.


BB said...

Saw this posted on News & Observer website

"Ignore the buzz; the dogs at N.C. State are safe"


YesBiscuit! said...

Thanks bb. At first blush, I thought the story was going to say the whole thing was a hoax cos it seemed to me to be leading in that direction. But it doesn't say that or contradict the story in any way. It says that they believe all the dogs will be adopted - which is great news and I hope it works out that way. : )