Friday, September 5, 2008

Michigan "Pet Sellers" May Be Investigated by the FBI

The AKC alerts us to a proposed pet ordinance in Michigan - HB 6395 - that sounds a leetle scary:

If adopted, HB 6395 would:
Define anyone who sells or offers for sale more than two dogs per year, or more than one litter of dogs per year, as a "petseller."

Mandate that those who qualify as pet sellers to acquire an annual petseller license from their county animal control shelter at a cost of $200/year.

Require an applicant for a pet seller license to submit his or her fingerprints with a license application for a criminal history and FBI background check.

Give discretion to county animal control shelters to deny applications for pet seller licenses, regardless of outcome of background investigation.

If you are a Michigan resident, get your Representative's contact info and call/snail mail/fax a letter indicating your opposition to this bill.


jan said...

This is absurd. No wonder people are tired of government in the lives.

YesBiscuit! said...

I'm wondering, if MI sets the bar at this level for "pet sellers", what will you have to do in order to buy a GUN in MI? Assuming they will apply stricter standards to gun purchasers that is...

Caveat said...

Ha ha ha, good one, YesBiscuit!

HSUS is also pushing this in Illinois and Indiana, I'm told.

Anonymous said...

We heard yesterday that - due to EXTENSIVE complaints by MI citizen's - the bill was pulled. The maroon who was pushing it noted his great surprise at the large amount of opposition to the bill.

Yay Michiganders!

YesBiscuit! said...

Great news! Score one for sanity.