Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Most of the 100 OK Bust Dogs to be Killed

Of the 100 Pitbulls "rescued" in OK, it looks like most will be killed without individual evaluation on their temperaments by a qualified individual.  I had hoped for better for these neglected dogs but it looks like they will suffer the same unearned fate as the Houston Pitbulls, and so many others:

The adult dogs were so hungry and thirsty that at first they were not aggressive when officers and volunteers began feeding and watering them. But as they grew stronger, they began to grow more aggressive not only with the handlers but with the other dogs.

"I can't put them out with a family," the sheriff said.

Well no, you can't put them with any old family but you can place them with a well matched, responsible owner who understands the responsibilities of dog ownership.  Which are the same circumstances for placing any dog.  

Every dog deserves a fair evaluation.


Caveat said...

Maybe to these troglodytes healthier means 'aggressive'. Like, you know, lively and interested in what's going on.

Some of us actually like lively dogs with a high opinion of themselves, what a shock, eh?

You know what would be nice? To get some people who actually know something, anything about dogs in these kinds of positions.

Instead, they seem to pick somebody's brother-in-law's backward cousin who got fired from every job he had in the past, so they put him in charge of animals because they can't file complaints or demand his removal from the job.

jan said...

The Vick dogs would be dead if it weren't for the public outcry. Unfortunately Vick's celebrity and arrogance may have been as important as compassion.

Caveat said...

Might be hope for some of them.

YesBiscuit! said...

Thank you Selma for the link - that's good news and I will be eagerly awaiting more good news. *All paws crossed*