Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bird Group Watching TNR Colonies Like a Hawk

Apparently the American Bird Conservancy spies have infiltrated every TNR feral cat colony in the US. The spies each have a clicker counter (made to look like a rhinestone cat collar) to notify HQ about every bird that is killed by a TNR cat. And that count is accurate because you know, there is a code of honor among TNR cats about the birds they kill. The TNR Prey-O-Meter at HQ is about to go into overload, therefore the American Bird Conservancy has pronounced:

[A] feral cat management program called trap, neuter, and release is failing to substantially reduce cat numbers and is contributing to the deaths of millions of birds each year, including endangered species.

To publicize how rilly-super-real their numbers are, they even made a little video.


Debunking here. No Kill Advocacy Center has an informative pdf on TNR here.


EmilyS said...

What makes you think that the studies done by pro-cat advocates any more trustworthy than the anti-cat advocates? Most of the "studies" on the page you link are no more than position papers by cat advocates

BOTH sides have axes to grind and BOTH sides have their dishonesties.

The dilemma of stray cats won't be solved till both sides admit that.

YesBiscuit! said...

My gut response to the cat advocates is that they are not bird haters. Can't say the same in reverse. Which of course makes me suspect the bird people's info. That and the utter impossibility of their numbers.

Anonymous said...

My gut response is that bird advocates just want cats removed from the outdoors while cat advocates feel the bird folk just want to kill cats.

Good luck finding that middle ground.

Bird Advocate said...

My gut response is that unwanted pet species have no place outdoors in our ecology and our existing laws to protect our vanishing wildlife should be enforced!