Thursday, September 17, 2009

Garland Shelter Pets Draw Short Straw

The Garland Animal Shelter in Texas has some problems:

Two thirds of the animals in a shelter in Garland are being put down. However, it isn't the number, but the way in which those animals are being euthanized that spurred over a dozen to speak out at a Garland City Council meeting Tuesday night.
Problem Number One: They are killing approximately 67% of the pets they are supposed to be helping.
Problem Number Two: Nobody cares about that.
Problem Number Three: The shelter gasses pets to death with the support of city officials:

Garland health officials say carbon monoxide and lethal injection by Sodium Pentothal are equally humane.

Problem Number Four: Garland health officials are lying when they say killing by injection and killing by carbon monoxide poisoning are "equally humane". If you want to see the horrors of pets being gassed to death, you can check You Tube (one of those vids here). I can't watch.

Problem Number Five: The city's attitude seems to be: Killing so many shelter pets by injection might be more stressful for the employees than just tossing them in the gas chamber to die.

Amid criticism for the city's method of euthanizing animals, Garland officials said Wednesday that they're not making any changes and that gassing cats and dogs at the animal shelter is less stressful on its employees than lethal injection.
"We put our employees first."
So basically, what I'm getting from this is that, although the community is upset over the method of killing at the local shelter, Garland officials have a clear message: Suffer and die, pets. Sux being you.


Falen said...

wow. the idea of gassing pets makes me want to vomit

Cait said...

CO2 is humane for small animals, but not dogs, and especially not in groups. I'm really sad to see Garland go back to it- they'd stopped for a long time. I wonder if they're getting the overflow from Dallas's new MSN law, though. Garland has a reputation for being a pretty good shelter to adopt from, and they work hard to get their adopters into training classes and other stuff to be successful.

CyborgSuzy said...

Ugh. I would like to introduce them to the 21st century. Where this 'debate' is over and EVERYONE already knows that gassing is inhumane.

"We put our employees first." BS excuse.

Um, what about the employees who have to shovel the bodies out of the chamber afterward? And if they find still-living victims, who throws them back in for a second go?

I can't imagine there's ANY employee in a shelter that kills most of it's animals that isn't emotionally damaged. It doesn't matter who's flipping the switch or inserting the needle.

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