Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Make Believe Dog Food Company - I Highly Recommend Their Product!

What's a good food to feed your dog in light of everything we've learned from the massive pet food recalls of 2007? I don't know. But if I could find one, it might look like this:

My Make Believe Dog Food Co. isn't waiting around for Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) to become law. They know consumers want COOL now, even if it's not mandated. They know pet owners are tired of manufacturers and their sinister deceptions by advertising they "buy from U.S. sources" when in reality the "U.S. source" purchases its ingredients from overseas which the pet food manufacturer knows, or should know. MBDF Co. is accurately listing the country where its meats, grains and vegetables are grown and raised right on the label.

MBDF Co. uses only quality ingredients obtained from local, sustainable farming sources whenever possible. They list these ingredients by their easily recognizable household names such as rice, green beans, chicken, etc. They don't go for the AAFCO loopholes which allow the inclusion of low quality, dirty ingredients in pet food. In fact, they don't go for AAFCO at all. They follow the NRC's recommended guidelines in regard to formulating a balanced canine diet, not the guidelines AAFCO made up themselves after discarding the long standing NRC recommendations. And yes, they do feeding trials like the NRC recommends - not just cheap chemical analysis like AAFCO allows. And all this information is detailed on their website because they know consumers are interested and more than capable of understanding the science behind canine nutrition.

MBDF Co. doesn't do business with Menu Foods or any of the other profit-is-everything/dead-pets-are-nothing manufacturing facilities. They process their own foods in their own facilities in accordance with FDA standards such that their pet food could actually be safely consumed by people (if some such persons so desired). The name, address and phone number of the company's plant is printed right on the label so in case of a pet food recall (and another massive recall is inevitable IMO), consumers don't have to worry and guess where and by whom the food in their pantry was made. If questions arise, consumers can call or e-mail the company and they will respond in a timely manner with accurate information - not sales spin, not we-can't-tell-you-that-because-it's-proprietary-information BS - just honest answers. They know it's smart business to give customers what they want: the truth.

I expect MBDF to cost significantly more than the market average because I know what's in the average pet food - cheap, dirty ingredients. I understand it costs more to buy clean, sustainably farmed ingredients and to avoid all the penny saving loopholes afforded by AAFCO. But good food for my pets and peace of mind for myself are well worth the expense.

Make Believe Dog Food Co - where are you?!


Jan said...

I'm really surprised that no manufacturer is doing all this. As much as we love our pets and as much as we spend on them, surely someone will know there is a market for what is not cheap, dirty and unknown.

YesBiscuit! said...

I'm rather hoping someone will come on here and say "Hello, we are XXX Dog Chow Co and we do all these things and more. Here is a link to our website..."

Anonymous said...

Wow...where do I get MBDFC pet food?! I love it!

Actually though, I have to agree with Jan. If a company did all of this they'd couldn't help but make money. Sure, the food would be more expensive but with all of the disclosures people would buy it for sure!