Saturday, December 5, 2009

HSUS Relies on Bloggers for Moral Compass

"The Humane Society of the United States is the nation's largest and most effective animal protection organization...". And by "effective" I assume they mean "morally bankrupt".

  • In 2007, HSUS doesn't realize it's wrong to ask donors for money to care for Michael Vick's dogs - which they did not have in their possession - while simultaneously advocating to have all the dogs summarily killed. But when called on the carpet about it online, they quickly 86'd the money seeking campaign.
  • For years, HSUS doesn't realize it's wrong to use their influence and money to get all bust dogs killed. But after the dog blogs erupted in protest earlier this year over the killing of the Wilkes Co, NC dogs and public outcry rose to a level which threatened their donation stream, HSUS turned around and changed its policy on bust dogs to include evaluations.
  • This week, HSUS doesn't realize it's wrong to use images of Fay, a rescued bust dog whose bills are being paid by someone else, to ask donors for money so HSUS can "save thousands of animals like her". Let's be clear - HSUS didn't spend one red cent on helping Fay, they just used her to try and get money for themselves. I call that a swindle. But when bloggers raised a stink over the deceptive fundraising plea, HSUS pulled an "Oops, don't expose us as frauds again and make our donors aware - here have some money".

Each time HSUS gets exposed for their swindling, they hit back. Remember the lengths they went to trying to quash the expose done by ABC News in Atlanta?

So I ask, do they truly not realize what they're doing is wrong when they do it but only see the light after bloggers make a fuss? Or do they know what they're doing is wrong but go forward anyway figuring that bloggers can't catch them on everything and they'll continue to rake in the cash from unsuspecting donors in the meantime?

Is one scenario worse than the other? I can't decide. But for myself, I can't afford to donate to every animal cause out there so I have to choose carefully when it comes to who gets my support. I choose my local no kill shelter. I visit them in person with my donations and spend time with the dogs while I'm there. I can see first hand the kind of care the dogs get and I don't worry that they are just photos on a flyer being used to sucker me into sending a donation. They are real pets, being cared for by real people, and I feel good about making a small contribution toward their care. I wish I could do more. But at least the shelter workers there know the difference between right and wrong without repeatedly having to be called on the carpet for their shady practices. I wish I could say the same about the country's "most effective" animal advocacy group, HSUS.

We are the real humane society. Find your nearest no kill shelter here.

Added: KC Dog Blog weighs in on HSUS throwing money at the Fay debacle.


EmilyS said...

they are so morally corrupt they truly don't understand why their actions are wrong. AND they are so truly corrupt that, even if they did understand, they'd do it anyway.

They get away with it, too

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. You said exactly what I was thinking!

Susan said...

So, after being exposed and shamed into it, they coughed up $5000 of their enormous budget for the dog they were fraudulently using to raise funds. A drop in the bucket. All morning their commercials have been turning my stomach because they are SUCH LIES. Showing abused kittens, dogs, puppies, and Wendie Malick begging for donations to help the abused animals. I swear, I am going to mail her this blog and a long letter. They will NEVER change. My money will go local or to breed rescue. Period.

Jess said...

Everything HSUS does is calculated to bring in more donations. Period. The problem is that people are better connected via the internet now, so it is more difficult for HSUS to hide what they are doing with their left hand while their right hand is out asking for cash.

I used to live in Florida, and I volunteered for Greyhound rescue, I fostered a bunch of dogs. The group I worked with was large, and they did not have an 'official' position on racing. There were, however, many people within the organization who were virulently anti-racing, they were just very careful to keep their mouths shut, because the kennel owners would not work with you if you badmouthed them.

I do not for a minute believe that HSUS has changed it's stance on fight dogs, mandatory spay/neuter, or breeding animals. They have just adjusted their public message in reaction to public opinion, to keep the donations rolling in.