Friday, January 2, 2009

Dinner at Chez Dog

I've got lots of extra potatoes (on sale, didn't get around to eating) so tonight boiled up some reds and some russets for the dogs. I carved out the sprouted "legs" - which is what I always called them as a kid, they terrified me - but left the skins on. After they cooled, I stirred them up with some veggie & herb puree that I made yesterday (from various leftovers) for use in dog biscuits. The puree didn't turn out to be the consistency I needed for the biscuits unfortunately so it's off to the dog bowls with that. For protein, I opened up some canned sardines in tomato sauce. I always keep those in the cupboard - as an economical convenience food and something to provide variety and essential nutrients. Dr. Strombeck recommends them in his book and that's where I got the idea originally.


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Caveat said...

Hey neat, I never thought of using the sardines in tomato sauce, I usually buy the ones in spring water.

I'll bet the tomato ones are less salty, too.

Thanks for the tip - I feed my guys sardines every now and then. Canned salt-free salmon, too, when it's cheeeeep.