Thursday, December 10, 2009

VA: Beagle Shot and Killed by Animal Control Officer

I have a 10 year old Beagle. She is a great pet. Luckily we don't live in Chesterfield, VA:

Chesterfield police say an Animal Control officer was in the area and in the middle of putting a pit bull in his truck when Clifford [10 year old Beagle] came up to the officer. Davis [the Beagle's owner] said her dog has never bit a person or an animal. But Chesterfield Police Captain Steve Neal said Clifford was aggressive and attacked the pit bull. Attempts to separate the two said Neal were unsuccessful.
"He pulled the gun out and shot the dog. Shot him in the hip. The dog fell in the street. He couldn't get back up and then bent down, and put the gun to the dog's head, up against his head, and pulled the trigger," said Davis.

So I guess, after the first shot, which apparently left the senior Beagle unable to get up, the AC officer perceived him as a continuing threat to the Pitbull and felt compelled to shoot him in the head too. Right in front of the family, including a 13 year old girl who had grown up with the dog.

[A]n internal investigation is underway to determine whether the Animal Control officer [...] followed the law and procedure.

Well gee, I hope not.


Jen said...


jan said...

Animal control packing heat?!!?

That is a serious train wreck ready to happen.

Casey said...

And just in time for Christmas, too. Nice.

Even if the beagle was attacking the other dog, how is that a threat to the AC officer?


Anonymous said...

I would think that all you pit nutters would be happy that AC is not discriminating against your wiggle butts.

And yes, I support AC packing heat.

Pai said...

Yeah, pit bull advocates LOVE when dogs get killed, as long as it isn't their breed... oh wait... you're just a troll (and a cowardly one at that, 'Anonymous').

Pibble said...

Hey, Anonymous, is there something wrong with "packing" pepper spray or a CO2 cartridge? There was a 13-year-old girl watching the dog she knew since she was 3 years old get shot to death.

We love pits; it doesn't mean we hate other dogs, ACs, or anyone who isn't a "nutter." Idiot. Think before you type.

Ang said...

AC officers are not trained police officers and should not be carrying a gun, a tranquilizer gun maybe. There are many police officers who abuse their "power" and they are screened by rigorous physical and psychological testing, AC officers have no such screening process.

George said...

I agree with Ang they do not even need guns and the situations they get into with aggressive dogs if you cannot handle a dog man on dog then you should not be an AC officer out on the field. Since I was 15 I have been able to wrangle aggressive/unruly dogs. Rottweilers German shepherds all it takes is being a large male and acting the alpha male, they recognize this and immediately back down, unless protecting their family. If you are a small man/small lady I am sorry but an aggressive dog will attempt to dominate you immediately, and I looked at their websites they are all small women / a small Asian man so in intense situations these people are forced to use their firearms. Any criminal/dangerous situations they go into they call real police officers to come and go in first to clear everything out first anyways! I tried to call them they have their number forwarded to their local police I guess just as many people as me are angry. Say what you will about guns but down here in the south we notice you get a tad bit more respect when you and the "authority" figure both have guns. You may not agree with this but I love my dog like you may love your child, if a man came into my home or backyard and gunned down my beloved dog he would be kissing the ugly end of a street sweeper withing 48 hours. Something for you people in "authority" to think about, there may be no real legal consequence for killing someones baby but just one of these people may love fido more then they love themselves.

Anonymous said...

if he would of shot my dog i would of shot the cop.neither dog should been shot by the trigger pig that will get away with it.
hope someone shoots him .beagles
are nice dogs never meet one i
did not like,pitbulls are ok to.
this pisses me off he will get away with it.