Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Arkansas Mayor Redefines the Word "Apology"

As has become obvious, it's best when Mayor Set-Them-Free speaks for himself.  Please read his detailed "apology" letter here.  He's not sorry he abandoned the dogs in the forest, he's just sorry people complained.  Hard to pick a favorite from the many gems he has given us, but this one - which I assume is a typo - is a priceless bit of advice coming from someone who seems to be annoyed, at best, at having to serve the public in the course of his job as a public servant:

"Please, do let this opportunity to do good pass you by."

Typo or not - well said, Mayor.


jan said...

His rambling letter shows his continued cluelessness to the whole situation.

Therese said...


I especially liked the line, "I have broken no law." I guess since doing the right thing isn't mandated by law, his conscience is clear.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo. My bone headed move as mayor brought the scorn of the dog loving community to my town.

The showboats PETA and HSUS jumped in to help me with "training" despite their miserable track record on shelter killing themselves.

See: http://nathanwinograt.blogspot.com