Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More on Southern Shelters in the News

God but I never get tired (yawn) of reading stories about how stupid Southerners breed their dogs, raise them badly then dump them irresponsibly at shelters so that smart Northerners, with no puppies in their own shelters because they are such upright citizens, must truck the unwanted problem dogs up North for adoption. But then - doh! - the unsuspecting Northerners get bushwhacked by these bad Southern dogs with behavioral problems.
Come on. There are irresponsible people everywhere. And there are dogs with behavioral problems left in shelters everywhere. It's like 2008. Join us.

Update on Mayor Misdemeanor in Arkansas (misdemeanor is apparently all he could be charged with) - Someone from the humane society has filed a complaint seeking his arrest for "setting free" dogs under his city's care into the national forest. No action has been taken on the complaint by the city's judges toward actually issuing an arrest warrant. I'll be holding my breath on that one. The complainant states that after hearing of the Mayor's "freedom" plan for the dogs, she asked him for two hours to get together volunteers to assume responsibility for the dogs. He couldn't wait. Full update piece here.


jan said...

There are city people who take their dogs out in the country and abandon them there. What do they think will happen to them there?

YesBiscuit! said...

Right. I suppose they think some slow motion scene from "Born Free" plays out for the rest of the pet's life.