Sunday, March 8, 2009

SC BSL Proposal: Buttinsky Neighbor vs. Those Meddling Kids

Last month, I blogged about someone in Florence Co, SC who doesn't like her neighbor's "Pitbull type dogs" and so is requesting a breed (what breed?) ban. The Nosy Neighbor was scheduled to speak at the Florence Co Council meeting on March 5th but apparently bailed at the last minute and the issue has been rescheduled for the next meeting on April 2, 2009. The middle school students who were prepared to present a case opposing BSL have moved their presentation to April 2nd as well. It sounds like the kids have done their homework (ha) and will have a good anti-BSL argument while encouraging responsible pet ownership and education. Yay meddling kids! I'm rooting for you.


jan said...

I'm betting the kids will have good facts and figures to present.

Anonymous said...

A pox - or a hand grenade - on buttinsky neighbors.

I had a couple come in today for private training with two very nice labrador girls. Their main problem? A nosy, "animal-loving", buttinsky neighbor who regularly TRESSPASSES on their property to excite the dogs into a barking frenzy then calls the local authorities to complain about said barking and other invented "animal welfare" issues at their home.

Local animal welfare authorities have told this couple - and at least a dozen or so of their neighbors - that this wackjob has made a hobby of anonymously complaining about pet-related "problems" in EVERY pet owning household within three blocks of her home. For some unknown reason (powerful friends or relatives?) authorities will not label her as the waste of administrative resources she is -- so they show up, make a cursory inspection and write each situation off.

I encouraged this very responsible and articulate couple to prepare a carefully crafted, and very large poster board as a letter addressed by name to said buttinsky neighbor and put it at a location adjacent to their dogs' kennel where she can *only* see it through blatant trespass. I told them to video document the writing and placement of said letter, then wait for the indignant complaint that is certain to follow its discovery. Husband is a Colonel in armed forces and understands the need and value in using existing rules to smack the living crap out of said nosy neighbor.

I anticipate that within the month she will be cited for criminal trespass, a restraining order will be in place and video and neighborhood watch systems will ensure her cooperation or arrest / incarceration. These folks plan to share my creative negative reinforcement program for buttinsky neighbors with their pet owning neighbors.

Oh! Did I mention that said buttinsky also works as a volunteer enforcement officer with a local big city, high kill, "humane" group?

We all need to get together to crush the pointlesly rude, invasive, anti-animal actions of these vermin.

YesBiscuit! said...

Janeen - I definitely want to hear the outcome on that one - you clever girl!

Shirley said...

Wow, smartdogs, I'm afraid the same problem is brewing where I live. Seems I have a vicious barking pointer mix puppy. Now I have to teach her to wag & roll over whenever she sees a guy with a stick up his ___.

New neighbors just loved my 2 dogs when they moved in a year ago. Now my Lab has "gotten aggressive." Oh, and I "only had one dog" when they moved in. Same guy whose brother's dog attacked & took chunks out of 2 of my sheep when I was on vacation. One died. Same guy who comes in my yard with his baby to pet rams when I've told him about rams' unpredictability. Same guy who came in my basement & turned my breaker off because a light was bothering him. Same guy who complained about me running the water (shared well which I own) because his pump is noisy. I can't deal with this. I'm going to sell my house to the loudest, most annoying people I can find -- preferably they will have constant parties, operate a used car lot, & raise a lot of smelly pigs. I moved to the country to get away from neighbors who partied & left broken beer bottles in my driveway. Now I'm going to have to move out in the woods and/or off the grid!

My question is: why didn't they move to a planned/gated community?