Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yeah, He's Cute NOW


Anonymous said...

I have friends who do wildlife rehab. The first time I visited their home, one of them took me canoeing. While we were out on the lake an adult otter climbed into the canoe with us. My friend was very nonchalant about it, he'd raised this litter of orphaned otters and then released them near his home.

'Larry' was very social and very curious - and he had huge teeth. I saw him several times while I was there, once getting to watch him play with their 130 lb dog.

It was a fascinating experience but... isn't it illegal for 'regular people' (ie those who aren't licensed wildlife rehabbers) to keep otters? Even if it isn't illegal, it certainly is stupidly irresponsible.

susan said...

I once took photos (for a wildlife rehab story) of a baby beaver named Bob. It was in a kids pool and was about as sweet as any baby I ever met. I didn't want to leave. Apparently otters have a similar disposition :)