Friday, August 7, 2009

HSUS: Vick Enablers

While many people are understandably distraught over the idea that someone in the NFL might give Michael Vick a job, it's worth mentioning that someone at HSUS did give Vick a job. And obtaining that position with HSUS was an important element in getting Vick reinstated to the NFL. Vick is set to play a role in the HSUS dogfighting campaign which is managed by another convicted felon, John Goodwin. Vick's history on killing Pitbulls is clear. So is Goodwin's. And neither Vick nor HSUS has ever publicly expressed remorse over their Pitbull killings. In a way, I guess you could say they were meant for each other.

My question is this: Will the general public hold HSUS accountable for giving Vick the job which, in part, enabled him to get reinstated to the NFL so he might get his old job back? Or will all the wrath be directed at whatever team signs him?


Jen said...

GREAT post. My sentiments exactly.

EmilyS said...

oh pardon my cynicism.

Vick makes a couple of presentations to kids insincerely reading an antidogfighting statement (with his cold dead eyes) then signs a bunch of autographs.

Wayne crows about how reformed Vick is and starts another fundraising campaign all about how HSUS has stamped out dogfighting.

Goodell says Vick is completely exonerated and some team signs him.

You read it here first.

George said...

Understand that Mr. Pacelle and his decision to work with Michael Vick in no way represents the people who work with and volunteer their time to the End Dog Fighting program. Please do not judge the program by his bad decision. It is something you must witness for yourself before coming to judgement. The program itself is a very, very good program and has been positive step in a very negative situation. It is a shame Mr. Pacelle is bringing so much negative attention to the program and making it that much harder for the program to succeed.

Susan said...

Some of the things I hear that piss me off are: (1)"he served his time." No, he didn't. Because he's famous and has a team of fancy lawyers, he got to change his mind about pleading guilty AFTER being tried and sentenced for a more serious crime. He then pleaded to a lesser charge so he could get out sooner and start making big bucks again.
(2) Why shouldn't he be able to make a living the way he did before? If he was a garbageman before going to jail he'd be able to be a garbageman again.

He's welcome to be a garbageman if he wants, as far as I'm concerned, but most people tried and convicted of serious crimes can't even get jobs as garbagemen, much less six or seven digit incomes as celebrity athletes. Being a member of a sports league is a privilege, not a right. In the time since he was jailed, people have forgotten the horrible things he actually did and boiled it back down to just "dogfighting," in part due to his disinformation campaign about its being a "cultural thing." Did anyone say anything about electrocuting dogs being a cultural thing?

HSUS blows it as usual. Or maybe I can just say, HSUS blows.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how Vick will "work wiht teens" and still follow this directive for "Humane Teen" the HSUS magazine that goes to junior highs and high schools.. her is what the HSUS says about dogs like Vicks;'The HSUS
recommends that any dog who has been specifically
bred, conditioned, or used for fighting not
be placed for adoption by an animal shelter but
be humanely euthanized."
And I thought Wayne changed all that.. and now he was all into "temperment testing'.. yea.. right.. HSUS KILLS DOGS

Pai said...

Garbagemen make a very good living, actually. I wouldn't think it a tragedy if Vick had to settle for that career instead of football. =P

Roberta Pliner said...

We didn't like it when Michael Vick
tormented dogs. We approved of
sentencing him to prison and, as a corollary punishment, canceling all
his gazillion-dollar endorsement and playing contracts. So...he's
served his time, and is now bankrupt. But we don't want him to
work at the one thing he does well
that would help pay some of his
creditors. Maybe THEY would like
him to work so THEY can be paid at
least something on the dollar.

We hope he's learned his lesson and
won't torment dogs any more. But
we don't want him associating with
HSUS either, because THEY kill

I have no use for HSUS, but since
when do they kill dogs? They don't
even run so much as ONE shelter.
Maybe people have HSUS mixed-up
with PETA? If so, it's Wayne, not
Ingrid, who is hanging with Mr.

Otherwise, if we don't think Mr. Vick deserves the adulation that
goes with being a sports star, then
why don't we just stop talking about him.

Anonymous said...

HSUS prefers not to get their own hands dirty, but rather to testfy in court proceedings that dogs must be killed.

This has on several occasions resulted in a court order directing that dogs be killed.

For more information, look into the Wilkes County massacre and pay particular attention to the court testimony (transcripts are available) of HSUS representatives. This resulted in a court order that sentenced newborn puppies to death.

Lucinda said...

I am personally involved with the HSUS End Dog Fighting program. The program is great, the trainers are great, and the volunteers are great. However the decision made by Wayne Pacelle to support Michael Vick is not shared with other HSUS employee's involved with this program. The decision was made to help Mr. Pacelle get the attention he feels he deserves because he is a selfish and greedy man. Anybody who is reading this, is close to the Chicago area, and wants to protest the decision Mr. Pacelle made against the recommendation of others involved please come and protest the following event where Michael Vick will speak.

Wednesday, August 12th at 4:00pm
Liberation Christian Center
6810 S. Ashland Ave.
Englewood, IL

The decision goes against everything the class is about and jeapordized the good work already done. Please show up andlet Mr. Pacelle know that his selfish and greeddy decision will not be tolerated. Thanks for the help.