Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shenanigans! I Call Shenanigans on you Vick/HSUS!

The AP is reporting that Vick showed up for work at an HSUS event today in Atlanta. But apparently you had to know the secret password to get in:
However, several members of the community were barred from entering the building. The human (sic) society also refused to allow The Associated Press to enter.
What's the HSUS trying to hide now? Are they so ashamed of hiring Michael Vick that they have to keep the press and others from covering it?


Susan said...

You know, like George Bush's Air Force service.

Anonymous said...

Even better, he was scheduled to discuss "how to deal with potentially violent dogs". I know the HSUS generally prefers the needle, but perhaps their association with Mr. Vick is intended to expand their repertoire.

HSUS might want to get some advice on effective PR. Maybe there's someone from PETA that could discuss it with them, because this Vick association becomes more of a PR disaster every day.

They'll drop him like a hot potato once the results show up in their pocketbook - right?

EmilyS said...

shenanigans? surely not... it's HSUS after all. (eyes rolling)

Vick said he was "wrong".. yeah, wrong to get caught bankrolling some dogfights, the only thing he's copped to.

Will someone tell the kids what this sociopath actually did to dogs?

Lucinda Jackson said...

I am personally involved with the HSUS End Dog Fighting program. The program is great, the trainers are great, and the volunteers are great. However the decision made by Wayne Pacelle to support Michael Vick is not shared with other HSUS employee's involved with this program. The decision was made to help Mr. Pacelle get the attention he feels he deserves because he is a selfish and greedy man. Anybody who is reading this, is close to the Chicago area, and wants to protest the decision Mr. Pacelle made against the recommendation of others involved please come and protest the following event where Michael Vick will speak.

Wednesday, August 12th at 4:00pm
Liberation Christian Center
6810 S. Ashland Ave.
Englewood, IL

The decision goes against everything the class is about and jeapordized the good work already done. Please show up andlet Mr. Pacelle know that his selfish and greeddy decision will not be tolerated. Thanks for the help.


YesBiscuit! said...

Lucinda, If you can provide some verification of the event and/or your involvement with the program for me, I'll be happy to post it on the blog. My e-mail is on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I do sometimes almost feel sorry for the HSUS employees who have to put on a public happy face regarding Mr. Vick. Almost.

Anonymous said...

It will be very interesting to see what the HSUS spokesdrones have to say now that Vick's first HSUS speaking outing seems to be little more than a staged op for his piece on CBS news. The whole thing orchestrated by Vick's handlers, the HSUS a mere handmaiden to their greater cause of shining him up so he'll be NFL-worthy again.

Now that it's crystal clear to *everyone* that you're being USED, HSUS... (my God, it's even clear to the sportswriters at ESPN - did you read that story link above?) will you change your tune? Or will you continue to use him for publicity the way he's using you to get his career back by any means necessary?