Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boost Video

The Walker Co Humane Society Shelter Director kills friendly dogs and then lies to cover it up.

Surveillance video from the shelter documents the last minutes of the life of a friendly Boxer named Boost who was killed at the Walker Co Humane Society in May 2009. There is a view from the parking lot of Boost being taken out of a carrier, a view from the shelter lobby of him being walked inside, and a view of his dead body being wheeled out the back door in a shopping cart.

Boost's owner has filed a civil case against the lying Shelter Director. The Shelter Director's attorney is trying to obtain a gag order in the case to prevent Boost's owner from telling his story and to get the video proof removed from the web.

Not so fast.

Thank you to my friend John Sibley for editing together this video and helping to get the truth out to the public.

Tech notes: Embed code appears at end of vid. Size of the vid can be adjusted by changing the height/width numbers in the embed code. Keep same proportion for best results. (IOW reduce or increase both numbers by the same factor.)


Heather Houlahan said...

I couldn't find any way to make the video big. Is there?

YesBiscuit! said...

You can dl the original version at the below address which is a little bigger than what I have in the post. Beyond that, I think I'm out of my technical league. ; )

Pai said...

Demanding more transparency and accountability from your state's shelter system is the only way to keep thing kind of stuff from going on. It's more common than a lot of people realize, yet because most of these places have to answer to no one, it keeps going on.

Heather Houlahan said...

BTW, how did they get hold of the security video?

Was it already released in discovery?

Or some other means?

catslave said...

I couldnt watch the video...I already
know more about shelters and ACs than
I want to know, but I have a question.

Did I miss something? Why was a
beloved pet being turned into a

This is not an unusual event in
shelters. I think "shelter" is
a paradox!

YesBiscuit! said...

Heather - it was obtained from discovery.
catslave - Boost was brought in to the shelter by 2 people who had found him loose.

Pai said...
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