Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Treats on the Internets

NY cat owner attributes pet's death to Nutro food

Dogs get your point

Ferris, TX Animal Control directed to kill, kill, kill

Cats and their whore-purr

Pet supplements: Buyer beware

Nathan Winograd explains why the rescued Pitbulls from the recent multi-state dogfighting bust deserve more than death

Veterinarian Q & A on canine influenza

Salt Lake Co Animal Services launches Bully Breed program in an effort to reduce killing at its shelter:
76 percent of all adoptable dogs that must be euthanized [at Salt Lake Co Animal Services] are pit bulls.


Anonymous said...

"adoptable dogs that must be euthanized". Hmmm. If they're adoptable, why must they be euthanized?

Jorge Guzman said...

Have always loved news that measure a dog's intelligence.