Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wrong and Wronger


The DoggieLoverDoll is a sex toy for male dogs.
Sorry, no vid.


Katie said...

LOL it's a Fido Fleece with poorly designed sleeves! (Some of us have wimpy nekkid dogs who wear fleece 24/7 during the winter....)

Brent said...

That's just awesome.

Pai said...

Wow, it's a fleece dog coat that's being sold as something amazing and special? o.O

Pai said...

Also: LOL at the scenes of a woman trying to shove that poor Maltese into a sweater 2 sizes too small. I love all those over-exaggerated 'difficulties' infomercials always cook up.

Falen said...

i also like the part where they say "look how much your dog loves to wear it indoors" and they show a golden panting because he's so damn hot from wearing fleece over his thick coat!