Monday, July 20, 2009

Case Update: Walker Co Humane Society in AL

Couple of updates:

No gag order has been imposed in the Boost case but the surveillance videos I linked to previously have been removed. Thankfully we still have access to the truth here and here.

You're so lame, you probably think this blog is about you.

Someone who didn't pass creative writing in high school has made herself up a webbysite:
Walker County Law is a site dedicated to featuring attorneys located in Jasper, Alabama in Walker County, Alabama. Attorneys featured on this page are here because they have performed outstanding or noteworthy deeds in the recent past.
The attorneyS featured on the site amount to a grand total of one - the attorney representing Boost's owner. I think the page intends to discredit the attorney and his client. Hard to tell from the jumbled mess o' words (I'm still trying to work out "the Imoral Boost"). But what's really a funny coincidence is the page is a twin of looks kinda pretty much exactly like the Walker Co Humane Society website. I assume only high level staff have access to the shelter's web design. What are the odds, ya know?


-J. said...

Smart enough (barely) to register a domain by proxy, though. Damnit.

-J. said...

"Do to circumstances"? Oh my.

Heather Houlahan said...

According to the WCHS, they are unable to accept strays at this time, on account o' being at capacity.

This is a circumstance that is beyond their control.

IOW, their attorney told 'em to stop killing things as they walk in the front door.

YesBiscuit! said...

John - Just having a guess but I would think that a website created solely to disparage the parties in this lawsuit will be determined by a judge to be fair game for subpoena from the registrar. IOW, they'll find out who the site belongs to. Which is a total mystery.

Heather - I saw that too. I don't suppose they'd want to actually adopt out any of these pets cos that would free up shelter space and allow them to accept strays again. Someone's trigger finger might get itchy.

FrogDogz said...

That's possibly the whiniest sore loser website in the history sore loser whiny websites.

-J. said...

Evidently they'll also give up registrant info for a polite request from a law enforcement officer - no subpoena needed!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's about the quality and tone of an inarticulate Craigslist meltdown.

And the web design is really similar. They're both kind of cheap, vanilla cut-and-pasted HTML, and they both have apparently superfluous media type designations in the headers, they both have validator links from W3C, and the stylesheets have the same name. So it looks as though, if they weren't written by the same person, they were probably at least cut and pasted from the same source.