Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pet Food Problems

Nutro has recalled some varieties of puppy food but they haven't posted about it on their website which seems totally in character odd. Pet Connection has the details.

Premium Edge recalled two varieties of cat food due to thiamine deficiency which causes neurological problems.

Esbilac puppy formula has not been recalled but there is an internet posting from a group claiming to have sent the product to an independent lab for analysis. The analysis turned up some discrepancies with the product label. The makers of Esbilac deny any problems with their product according to the posting.
Note: I have done supplemental puppy feedings with this homemade puppy formula and had great results.


Anonymous said...

Why anyone would still feed Nutro considering the dismal relationship with the truth they displayed during the Big Recall is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

It's actually been on their wesite since 9/30/09.

Here's the link!

YesBiscuit! said...

Thanks Here-to-Help-er but the correct verbiage would be "hidden on their website" since w/out a direct link, the average consumer is never going to find that page. Which seems like Nutro's goal, as usual.
You'll note that on the Premium Edge site, there is a prominent notice displayed about the recalled products right there on the homepage - really couldn't miss it if you tried. That's how you spread the news to consumers about bad food. FYI.