Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treats on the Internets

Of the 85 dogs temperament tested on SC Marine bases, only 2 got the boot

Former AC officers in Orangeburg Co, SC plead guilty to animal cruelty

Wilkes Animal Shelter in NC back in the gassing business

Police seize "wolf" bought on Craigslist - looks like a dog to me

Lovely photo

Flu News:

H1N1 confirmed in hog exhibited at MN State Fair

Ontario reports H1N1 in turkeys

Owner in OR gave H1N1 to pet ferret

Dogs and cats are not known to be susceptible to H1N1

Dog owners should be aware of H3N8 aka Canine Influenza Virus


Retrieverman said...

That "wolf" sure looks like a white German shepherd. If it has any wolf in it, it's very low content. The ears are too big and the head too small.

Falen said...

i was always amazed at how many people "sweare" they have pet wolves, or hybrids. It's clealy a dog. I don't even think it has any wolf in it.
I've spoken with a few people who have actually lived with wolfdogs, or coydogs - they do not act like normal dogs at all - you can't mistake them.
And then, of course this has to be my homestate. Sigh

CyborgSuzy said...

Even the journalists say it: "She may look like a dog, whimper like a dog, and wag her tail like a dog..." but some guy on Craigslist said she's a wolf, so that's enough to confiscate her!

Ten dog biscuits says the previous owner said she was a wolf in Craigslist to sell, er, I mean re-home, her faster and with a higher fee.

FrogDogz said...

It IS a lovely photo, but the anal retentive in me immediately thought:

a/ 'awww...'

b/ 'That dog needs his nails dremeled'

Elizabeth said...

I grew up with a wolf-hybrid. As a child my bus driver called the police because a "wolf" was at the bus stop. Boy was she embaressed when i said "thats my dog!" Quinn lived to be 20 years old. I still miss him.

In my adult Life I've owned four dogs including a husky. Quinn was never anything like them. I can never decifer a dogs breed on how they looks but give me 5 minutes with the dog and i could tell you if he had some wolf in him.

YesBiscuit! said...

Elizabeth - Just to clarify, the animal was advertised on Craigslist as an "Artcic/Timber Wolf" and that's the reason police seized him. As I understand it, this was not an issue of an animal being a wolf hybrid. There is a short video accompanying the piece, I wonder if you gathered any impressions from the animal in the vid?