Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Sarry for the pwnage, but u no how it is an stuff, kthxbai"

Excerpt from the lolcat Bible Translation Project:
An then thier wuz a n00b king, an he wuz liek, lol I am Kinng of Egypt. Whose is Joseph? Dont even no. King sayed to hiz peeps: Yo. Look at teh Ibruz are lots of em. We gotta stops em an take thear cheezburger. Or els theyll takes our cheezburger, srsly.

If sum d00d wants to steal cheezburgr, don't halp him.

If he sez, "omg, lets hied ovr here, an' jump on doodz,

Lets eated them,

An' taek all teh cookies thay has,

An' eat teh cookies,"

Yuo do not want! Do not eated anybuddy or thier cookies.

D00dz liek dat iz evul.

Cuz if yuo eat teh cookies,

Teh cookies really eated u.


Also And:

Wisdom posts on teh internets, n edits wikipedia.


retrieverman said...

I think that they need to add to this "rewrite" of the scriptures that the Appalachian Trail actually is in Argentina.

Retrieverman said...

I'm sure that this rewrite is considering it.