Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Help for Trapped Cat in Houston

If the power company called and asked if it was ok if they turn off your power briefly while someone rescues a cat stuck on a power pole, would you be ok with that? I would. Normally when my power goes out, it just happens - I don't get any advance notice. And I, like everyone else, deal with the situation until it comes back on. But in the case of a cat in need of help in Houston, no one even asked:
Lauren Kutac’s 8-month-old kitten spent 47 hours on the pole located in the backyard of her home in southwest Houston before she was electrocuted in the middle of the night.
The cat lover said she called several agencies including the Houston Fire Department, the SPCA, the Houston Police Department, and CenterPoint while she was sitting on the pole. They all declined her request for help.
“Not one person could help me,” she said.
CenterPoint Energy makes the decisions regarding the power pole. A company spokesperson said they could not turn off the power because it would affect several customers throughout the neighborhood.
I repeat: No one even asked.

The Houston SPCA spokesman, Meera Nandal, brings her usual fail:
“It’s a big misconception that [cats] should be free roaming and it’s OK for them to be outdoors, but actually, they need to live indoors,” said Nandlal.
kthx. So I guess it's the stupid owner's own fault the cat got stuck in the first place so the cat should just have to die. *cough*prevention-of-cruelty*cough*

The opportunity to help a pet owner in need, get some positive publicity for your shelter and educate the public while you're at it just got sucked into your vortex of pigheadedness. Thanks for playing.

I wonder where the owner will look when she's ready to get another cat? I'm guessing NOT the HSPCA, maybe not any shelter, after this experience.


Pibble said...

47 hours?! No one helped?! No one even asked? How long would the power be out, I mean really?? Disgusting. They all should be ashamed of themselves. Nothing like thinking your life is far more important than that of another living creature. I'd really hate to interrupt that football game or those fried eggs.

Anonymous said...

Who can we contact to inform them we are ashamed of their actions?

Whipple said...

It only takes one bad experience with a shlter to make them the last place to look for a pet. It did for myself. Too bad. No wonder they can't seem to adopt out enough animals.

jan said...

With friends like this animals don't need enemies.

Jackie said...


Dani said...

My husband works for a power company (not the one in the story). While they may not have been legally able turn off the power (Federal regulations do not allow companies to turn off power except in certain circumstance due to people who may depend on the power for health reasons- or something to that effect. I admit that I only half listen to his power line talk!), they still could have made a rescue possible. Ridiculous.

jacaranda said...

I have been crying ever since I saw that on TV. I saw that beautiful cat whimpering on the pole and even as I am writing this my stomach is turning into a knot. I would like to put that spca spokesperson on that pole myself. How can they have this on their conscience ? Yeah, when there is thunderstorm in the area and the electricity goes off no one complains. Not one person would have objected if they were told that the electricity was turned off to rescue a beautiful animal. I can't get over this as I keep imagining my beloved cat getting fried on that pole. My deepest condolences to the owner.