Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Treats on the Internets

Interesting write-up on stray dogs in Moscow

IL shelter charged with cruelty forced to turn over pets to other shelters

Consumer Freedom asks if there are many animals for HSUS to "save" in Haiti

Cesar Millan announces a Shelter Animal Physical Enrichment program

Seattle Humane Society offering free neuter and vaccines to Pitbulls

HuffPo argues that schoolkids deserve better than pet food - to which I would respond that pets deserve better than pet food

Video of kid showing her pig in competition

A glimpse into the world of hunting cottontail with Beagles


Rinalia said...

Oh, give me a break CCF, you slimy creep-turds. Just because ONE journalist didn't see STRAY CATS six days before the earthquake is hardly reason to assume Haiti had no stray animals or livestock.

Almost every single flickr "haiti" set has animals in it. And many are from 2009. To claim there aren't stray dogs is offensive - not when stray dogs are found in almost every single impoverished nation in the world. To claim there isn't livestock is offensive - not when several organizations actively promote and send livestock, not when livestock are perhaps the ONLY means of survival for people.

Sure, there may not be 8 million livestock. But there are animals there. And it pisses me off that Friends of Animals and CCF are acting as if these animals don't exist.

I'm NOT saying donate willy-nilly to orgs making up ARCH. I'd wait until folks are on the ground assessing the situation before donating. But we know that the Christian Veterinary Mission and SODEPRECA (sp) were helping before the quake and are helping after the quake, both humans and animals (both groups are animal-related orgs in Haiti and Dominican Republic).

EmilyS said...

word, Rinalia. On what planet is CCF living? Because Haitians are poor, they don't have pets.. and they're eating all the pets and livestock anyway?

Their credibility with me took a nosedive (OT as has Winograd's with his insane hysteria about Ed Sayres...)

Obviously, human rescue is coming first.. but pretty soon I think, the animal rescuers will need to come. I sure want to know which organizations will be on the ground helping. On thing the logistics disaster means: no fly by night crazed "rescuers" can just drive down there (as in NoLA) and start making trouble