Friday, January 22, 2010

TN Dog Rescue Sticks to Dognapping Story

(See previous post for background.)

I have come across a couple postings from the owner of the facility the dogs were allegedly stolen from and they appear to be current. In short, the owner maintains the dogs were stolen but the stabbing did not take place and the robbery was not witnessed. If interested, read for yourself here and here. The first link also contains a slideshow of the dogs.

Added: A few more details on the case from a local TN paper.


Jen said...

this is insane.

Rinalia said...

Why on earth would people think that a bunch of dog fighters would waste their time breaking into a dog rescue, dognap 13 dogs with medical issues, and fight them against pit bulls? I mean, really?

Pibble said...

YesBiscuit, there's a post on Facebook from someone who allegedly called JC Animal Control. Interesting - and sad - stuff, if this is true.

Anonymous said...

There's now info straight from JCAC: