Monday, January 25, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing

Clarksdale, MS: We have space at our shelter for 60 pets but do you think we could make room for just one more?

(Repeat times 400 or so):

The ASPCA removed more than 400 cats and dogs from the Clarksdale, Mississippi shelter on Sunday, January 24, 2010.

Tim Rickey, the ASPCA's Senior Director of Field Investigations and Response, says many of the animals appear to be healthy, but some have medical conditions, including mange, as well as injuries and bite wounds from living in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions.

"What we've found," says Rickey, "are more than 400 animals living in a space designed for about 60. Our goal is to export as many of the animals as possible to other agencies where they can be placed up for adoption."


Smart Dogs said...

This is one of those things where I'm kind of torn. At least if they kept them - they weren't killing them.

I know, I know, I know - unsanitary conditions, disease etc. - but still it's better than death, no?

YesBiscuit! said...

While I can certainly appreciate the sentiment that likely lead to the situation, I don't know the shelter's side of the story. For example, if they had been continually reaching out to the community, other shelters & rescues for assistance but getting turned down - that would be different to me than if say, they were just like "Got another one - toss 'em in somewhere!"

Anonymous said...

True. And unfortunately there seems to be a lot of icky overlap between the shelter and hoarder communities.