Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mississippi, Misdemeanors & Miscreants

Alonzo Esco, the MS animal control officer who was fired after it was discovered he was shooting pets and dumping them in a creek instead of taking them to the shelter, will not be getting a slap on the wrist from the judicial system. Because he'll be whistling dixie instead:
Canton Police Chief Vickie McNeill, however, said she will not authorize her investigator to file the paperwork [to bring charges] because no one saw any crimes occurring.
Mr. Esco was the sole animal control officer in Canton for 3 years. It is believed he shot pets and dumped them in multiple sites, including a creek near a shooting range where over 100 carcasses were found. These crimes would only be misdemeanors in MS and as such, require witnesses:
"There are standards regarding a felony, and there are standards regarding a misdemeanor," McNeill said. "By the standards of a misdemeanor, you must actually see the crime in action to file an affidavit.
The message to anyone collecting a paycheck off MS taxpayers to shelter the communities' pets is this: Feel free to not only ignore your duties but to cruelly and illegally kill the pets you are being paid to shelter. Because in MS, we just don't give a flying fuck about our communities' pets.

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Valerie said...

Beyond disgusting. Why does MS even bother having laws at all? And why is a violent crime a misdemeanor?