Thursday, March 4, 2010

Treats on the Internets

Proposed MS bill to make torturing pets a felony is going nowhere

Rhode Island state Veterinarian and self-professed "cat lover" wants to kill feral cats

Positive changes at WI shelter

Bill proposes that drowning and group gassing of shelter pets be replaced by lethal injection and solitary gassing in UT kill shelters

Memphis police officer charged with cruelty after 4 starving dogs were found chained in her backyard

Fired Memphis Animal Shelter (MAS) director Ernest Alexander was supposed to appear in court this week to face cruelty charges but no-showed. Lawyer says it was a mix up. Which is different from the "goof up" when MAS killed a dog in December 2009 who had a home waiting for him, shortly after they killed another adopted dog (that one was "sloppy"). I say again I think it's a mistake to not have cleaned house at MAS and started from scratch. We'll see.

Frame by frame breakdown of a Cesar Millan video clip where he is called upon to work with an aggressive dog

From KC Dog Blog: People are Confused About Who HSUS is, and what they do

If your dogs have bitten at least half a dozen people (including tearing the ear off a 4 year old girl) and continually blow through the invisible fence, don't you think it's time to consider alternative confinement?


EmilyS said...

oh just love the Terrierman defense of CM.. I'm sure he totally "cured" that husky. 2 morons who deserve each other, and deserve to get bitten by their dogs, continually.

Pai said...
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Pai said...

I don't think everything Milan espouses is wrong (I don't think anyone disagrees with the concepts of exercise and 'calm energy'). But I also think a lot of the things he does are not constructive long-term or even safe.

Jackie said...

While I disagree with most of Milan's methods, I love the exposure he's given to pit bulls and other "dangerous" breeds and that he's proven dogs can be rehabilitated from serious behavioral issues.

In any case, I thought it was interesting that Terrierman decided not to include the frames of the dog collapsed on the ground, gasping for air open mouthed, sides heaving in his "frame by frame" discussion.

I'm no vet, but to me it blatantly obvious to me that that dog was not getting enough oxygen.

The dog in the background says volumes. He's turned away, tongue flicking. Clearly very, very uncomfortable/upset with the event.