Thursday, March 18, 2010

Treats on the Internets

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This sounds like a pretty good dog

We all use stamps, even if we use them less frequently than we did in the before time - why not buy these?

Rescuers in Houston would like to take a dog at BARC to a veterinary specialist to see if her sight can be saved but BARC is refusing to release her

Austin is encouraging the community to get involved in achieving its no kill goals

Pets Alive is asking people to contact NY state politicians regarding the possible seizure of their land

Grace's Law, a proposal to end the use of the gas chamber in GA shelters, passes the House and heads to Senate

23 Pitbulls seized in Oakland, CA are owned by someone with a prior dogfighting conviction

The head of the South MS Animal Rescue Team and Refuge was keeping more than 200 dogs, about 75 cats, some goats, a chicken and a pony on less than an acre of land. She faces 10 counts of cruelty to animals - all misdemeanors.

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