Saturday, May 2, 2009

13 Pitbulls Seized in Monroe Co, Mississippi

A fugitive wanted by the feds on suspicion of murder was captured this week in Monroe County, Mississippi. In the course of the arrest, authorities seized a number of firearms and uncovered a suspected dogfighting operation:

Authorities also found 13 badly scarred pit bull dogs on Evans’ property. Inside his residence, police found and seized several treadmill-like devices, which are believed to have been used to strengthen the dogs for fighting.

The Amory Humane Society was contacted and secured all 13 of the animals yesterday, two of which are puppies.

The AP describes the dogs as "some with missing eyes and torn ears". The shelter killed one of the dogs immediately:
“She was extremely vicious,” said Terri Tucker of the Amory Humane Society. “She busted out of her cage and attacked the cat pin and put a huge dent in the pin.”
I have no idea what a "cat pin" is but apparently putting a dent in one is sufficient reason for this shelter to kill a seized dog without an evaluation by a qualified individual.

Tucker is doubtful the animals can be rehabilitated but said she intended to get in touch with a pit bull rescue service to see what can be done.

I'm doubtful too unless the dogs can get out of the hands of this so-called shelter and into the care of someone whose go-to option for problem solving is not "kill".

“It’s amazing,” she said. “We’ve got socializing dogs, and when they come through the pits come unglued. They are trying to get through our cages to get to our other dogs.”

Maybe they've never been socialized beyond their former home. Maybe they are scared after having been taken (probably dragged via catchpole) from their home and put into a shelter operated by someone who obviously hates them. Maybe they are like other confused dogs who come into shelters and need the guidance of a strong and gentle hand, a good meal, and a little time to settle in to their new surroundings full of strange dogs and humans.

Tucker, who was checking the condition of the puppies when contacted, said someone called to claim the two younger dogs. The caller said Evans [the murder suspect] was raising the dogs for him.

“I told him, ‘Mister, you will never see those dogs again,’” she said.

Baking powder? Unless this is some kind of one horse town where this person is the dog catcher, sheriff, judge and hangman, I do not understand how she has authority to make these decisions. Is there any sort of law and order in Monroe County? If so, I hope she has to answer for her actions. I don't know if the suspect has signed over the dogs to the county but if he hasn't, he is still the owner. If he has, hopefully the HSUS, with its vast resources and new bust dog policy, is on the ball and working with local authorities to educate and assist them with getting the dogs individually evaluated and into rescue wherever possible.

Every dog deserves a fair evaluation.



Wow, what a horrible story.

Yes, it is most definitely a "one horse town". And considering that even the journalists can't spell "cat pen" correctly I'm likely to deduce that they are a half-a-horse town.

Poor doggies. :(

spotted dog farm said...

Unfortunately this same thing happens in towns with lots of horses.

The whole "you'll never see those dogs again" thing is incredibly common for dogs that are seized but owned by other people. They are seen as suspects just by virtue of having their dogs at a location where dogfighting is suspected. In many places, statutes provide that a prosecutor has to sign off on releasing any of the dogs, and many of them won't, even when other people can show proof of ownership and there are no charges against them. It's just insane.

Barb said...

Since (according to the article) it is "illegal for the Amory Humane Society to adopt out pit bulls" that pretty much tells you the attitude.

Unless they DO actually contact a pb rescue (I'm not gonna hold my breath), those poor dogs are SOL.

Rinalia said...

Why is there even a cat pen near the dogs? Lunging at cats is hardly worthy of a death sentence. *I* lunge at cats (mainly to get them to safety before the dogs decide to try and eat them).

Heather B said...

this woman has an ego problem, eh what?
And why the hell would you walk a frightened dog past cats anyway? And...
oh never mind..stupid people cant be fixed..The dogs are doomed unless HSUS or some bully rescue can get there toute suite.I bet she hasn`t even contacted either one.

Caveat said...

There is certainly no shortage of underendowed individuals in the shelter 'industry'.

This dipstick should be fired immediately.

Anybody got the HSUS Bust Dog Hot Line number? I'm sure ol' Alfie Goodwin will ride in and save the day....