Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not so hahaha

In Debbie Downer news, the AP is reporting that Michael Vick will work with the HSUS on an anti-dogfighting campaign. I wonder how these two will get along based on their histories. Cos Michael Vick apparently only wanted some of his Pitbulls dead which obviously is in sharp contrast to the HSUS who has worked to get all Pitbulls they can get their hands on killed. And as far as I know, Vick didn't consider Pitbull puppies still nursing from their dams to be a menace to society whereas HSUS - well you know, the death thing again. As for the HSUS calling for all the Vick dogs to be killed instead of rehomed, I guess that's just water under the bridge.


Susan Fox said...

Plus committing fraud by saying they were collecting money to shelter the Vick dogs when not only do they not run any shelters, but they were doing their darndest to get all the dogs killed. Way to go, HSUS.

Susan said...

They lied.
They lie.
They are lying.
They will lie.
It's time to go after their tax exempt status.
If the facts are what they appear to be, they will be on the hot seat.
The IRS does not scare as easily as the media.

Fred said...

Is this some kind of recurring nightmare? Wasn't it just a couple of months or so ago when rumour was Vick might be working with PETA? Now he's with HSUS? Are these orgs actually courting him or something? He's suddenly become the go to talking head guy for the "we love animals but we kill pit bulls" crowd. This seriously f'd.

Susan Fox said...

I will believe he gets it when he's seen coming out of an Atlanta or wherever shelter, having done whatever needs doing without any drama or HSUS/PETA enablers.

Begging to be allowed to visit Best Friends to visit the dogs and apologize to them, followed by a PSA for BF would also be a good thing.

Seeking out all the rescues that have had to clean up after him and writing them decent sized checks would be a good thing, also minus the drama.

Ain't holdin' my breath.

EmilyS said...

How many dogfight bust dogs have you posted about, who got no help from HSUS, since the "new policy"?

But you're just silly: it's time to put it all behind us and move on, donchaknow? HSUS is our BFF now.

And Vick is truly, sincerely, sorry for what he did to the dogs.