Thursday, May 14, 2009

Treats on the Internets

Chicago police dog bolted during thunderstorm, now lost

Nice opinion piece on Vick's possible return to the NFL

Straight forward explanation on what vaccine titers do and don't tell us

Animal sheltering: ur doing it rong (Winograd)

Christie Keith on FDA's ongoing failure to ensure pet food is safe

Scumbucket impersonates AC officer in KY, beats Pitbull's face with baton and seizes dog

I was going to complain about this loser but I'm too sleepy

KY community rallies to help shelter pets displaced by mudslide

SC pet owners: My local no kill shelter is having a $10 microchip clinic on May 23 (pdf)

Goodbye to a special dog who some of us got to know via his owner's online presence

1 comment:

EmilyS said...

no, it can't be true (Winograds blog)
HSUS hypocritical liars?

not possible.

Remember when we were all supposed to stop being mean to HSUS, and just forget the past when they advocated killing dogs and start from the day of the "agreement" to not advocate killing dogs?

Guess the naive dweebs that bought into Wayne's b.s. got suckered. Again. Completely predictable