Friday, May 15, 2009

LA Co Shelter Workers Caught on Video

A CBS news report in Los Angeles documents alleged pet abuse by shelter staff:
These investigative reports, obtained by CBS 2 News, document dogs that were intentionally or mistakenly euthanized, killed in the shelters after being put on hold for adoption or the return to their owners.

"Intentionally or mistakenly euthanized" - I'm not sure which is worse. OK, you both win. There is a video that apparently shows some of the abuse (I didn't watch) but the shelter brass shrugs it off:

"We take in 90,000 animals a year, three incidents over the numbers of thousands of animals that have come in during that period of time I think is very minor."

In other words, the only incidents of abuse at the shelters were the ones featured in this news report. Such a coincidence. Also: such a crock.

What is an animal shelter FOR?

Is it supposed to be one last hell on Earth for unlucky pets who, through no fault of their own, are at the mercy of shelter staff who might be inclined to abuse and kill them for personal pleasure? Or is it a safe haven for pets who are "between homes" and in need of care by compassionate shelter workers? I'd like to think it's always the latter. But we know that in some cases, it's the former. And that is unacceptable to me.

I hope there is a full and publicly transparent investigation into these allegations in LA Co. We are a humane society. Join us.

Sign an online petition calling for an independent investigation into abuse at LA Co shelters here.


Anonymous said...

Can someone sic the county civil grand jury on them? A phone call should do it.

Pai said...

For too long Shelters have been allowed to basically do whatever they want, because everyone just assumes they're all saints and martyrs. It's time to start actually demanding higher standards public accountability for them.


That sweet dog at could someone drag it like that? It broke my heart to see the poor thing wagging his tail when the man stopped.

This is a pretty messed up situation. A few bad apples my ass.