Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog Posting from Vick?

I don't know if this is actually Michael Vick's posting or an internet hoax but you can make your own judgment:

What I did was horrendous. Awful. Inhumane. And I've no excuses for my actions. It makes my heart hurt now to think about what I've done. And I'm gonna be real honest, it took a while for me to get to this place.

Sitting in a prison cell didn't make me feel remorse. It was meeting so many animal lovers, speaking with them and looking them in their eyes. Staring at them. Looking so deep into their eyes that I began to feel their pain. Allowing that pain to enter into my body is when I started to understand how bad it really was. I have been trying hard to connect with people who feel this pain,because for my whole life I was disconnected from the suffering of animals. And you might say, "come on Mike, how could you do those things to those dogs?" And you're right... I ask myself those questions every day. What kind of person does this? How does a human-being treat dogs or any animal with such pain and cruelty? And the hard part for me is the answer to these questions. Because the answer is ME. And I am trying so hard right now to become a better person, because who I was, I am ashamed of.


EmilyS said...

"I mean, how does one grow up in a city that's nickname is Bad Newz?"

now, why do I think that Vick would not use that syntax?????? lol

Some of the words ARE from the 60 minutes interview, so it's a pastiche of what he has said and what someone wishes he would say.

Hero said...

I still don't think he's uttered a word of apology to the dogs yet, unless I'm wrong. To me, that's the part that's unforgivable. And this blog post about how he's so remorseful about what he did? I think it's just one of his publicity moves to get back into the spotlight. He's really playing up this partnership with the HSUS, isn't he? Pathetic. I can't believe there are people who are immediately willing to forgive him after what he did to those defenseless dogs just because HSUS is supporting him. The price he paid wasn't enough. And the fact that he's playing for the NFL again? Just goes to show you the values of professional sports in this country. It's all about money, money, money.

I still don't think that he's sorry for what he did. He's just sorry that he got caught.

jan said...

Sounds like something that was written for him to deliver with great sincerity but it wouldn't fit on a teleprompter.

FrogDogz said...

Michael Vick should just f*ck off and die already.

Sorry, but there it is, and I can't even want to be any nicer about it. Stupid sports. Stupid football. Stupid HSUS. Just die, die, die already.

Therese said...

I just can't get past that fact that in his interviews it looks (to me) as if he has a smirk on his face. I do hope he proves all of us doubters wrong, but until then I'm certainly not convinced he's "reformed."

Rinalia said...

You know, I wish him the best. I wish that of anyone struggling, trying to better themselves (if that is truly their motivation).

I still don't think he deserves a multi-million dollar contract in a hero-worshipping industry, like football. And I have my doubts about his sincerity, but what do I know? I don't know the guy at all.

I just know that, for several years, he maimed and tortured dogs because he enjoyed it. That's tough for me to get past and while, yes, I want him to be remorseful and really do a 180 - I want him to do that privately and not as a spokesperson for an organization that has "humane" or "prevention of cruelty" in its name.

Heather B said...

His ghost writer knows what to say .
I dont believe Vick has found his heart. I dont believe he`s sorry for the torture and abuse he inflicted on so many loving dogs. I feel he wants the glory and money back. Period. I also feel that his dog fightng days have made him look like even more of a hero to too many youngsters who dont know the whole story, especially now that he`s back on football payroll. I could go on but I`m getting angry all over again.

Paula G said...

Somebody on one of my dog lists mentioned that she is a nurse. If she were convicted of a felony, she could never ever ever go back to her profession, no matter if she paid her debt to society, was sorry or whatever. There are a lot of professions like that, but obviously in the US of A we regard professional sports as a religion and the almighty buck is more important than anything.

Paula G

Social Mange said...

I'm with FrogDogz.