Sunday, August 30, 2009

Checking Up on TLAC

Another Day in the Death at Town Lake Animal Center in Austin:


Adoption: 16
DOA: 27
*slams on brakes*
Twenty-seven dead on arrival? Listed are 14 cats, 12 dogs and 1 "other". ??? Also: !!!

Euthanized: 35
  • 5 killed due to "Agg policy"
  • 22 due to "no pick"
  • 2 due to "rabies risk"
  • 2 due to "sick/injured"
  • 4 due to "suffering"


Adoption: 9
DOA: 3
Note: There is also 1 bird is listed as "died in kennel"

Euthanized: 32
  • 1 killed for being a kitten less than 4 weeks old
  • 12 killed due to "Agg policy"
  • 16 due to "no pick"
  • 1 due to "rabies risk"
  • 1 due to "sick/injured"
  • 1 due to "suffering"

Should I still keep hoping that the Committee who voted for major change in the killing policies at TLAC will have any real impact? It's hard to remain optimistic when I read stats like these. Because I can't help thinking these aren't "stats" so much as "pets".


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing "Agg" means aggressive? 'Cuz it's a little hard to tell without more stats but that seems like an awful lot of aggressive animals. Or terrified. Same thing, right?

27 DOA sounds like the days they leave 'em in the back of a truck with no A/C.

smartdogs said...

WTF is up with all the DOAs? Are they strangling them with catchpoles or just shooting them?