Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey HSUS - They're Gonna Let Squeaky Fromme Out, Can You Do Anything for Her?

Another coincidence of timing: Vick makes two closed-door appearances for HSUS which are taped for a 60 Minutes story this Sunday and he gets signed to the Eagles on Thursday night.

Michael Vick has many to thank for getting his old job back as NFL quarterback, not the least of which is HSUS:
But they [the Philadelphia Eagles] also understand that they did every bit of research they could to support their decision. They spoke extensively with Goodell. Reid spoke with Dungy. The team spoke with the president of the National Humane Society and everyone who had a voice in the outrage that surrounded Vick's involvement with dog fighting.
1. HSUS was hardly "outraged" that Vick killed Pitbulls. In fact, post rescue, HSUS advocated that all Vick's Pitbulls be killed, in keeping with their (now supposedly former) policy of death for all seized Pitbulls.

2. The Eagles didn't speak with everyone:


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen this seriously proposed yet, but in the face of so much negative PR for the Helping Sociopaths in the United States I have to ask - is there quid pro quo here? We get you your gig back, you become a lifelong supporter once you're out of bankruptcy? Could that possibly make up the donations from the little people that they will lose as the result of this debacle?

Anonymous said...

And for the HSUS employees who know the deal, what a great time for a Scott McClellan type confessional... You HSUS new media types, I'm lookin at you.

EmilyS said...

Heather nails it

Tom G said...

Vick did his time. Maybe you animal rights extremists think he should have been executed, but he wasn't, and now he has served is sentence.

There are other people out there fighting dogs. Why don't you whine about them instead? Oh wait, you won't, because your blog is posted on, a site infested with dogfighters.

Your credibility is zilch.

EmilyS said...

So Tom, did you find your way here from

Getting your kicks over there, are you?

Funny how the people who shout loudest about dogfighting are the ones who spend the most time with it. Bet you love to watch the dogfight videos.

Kind of like JGodwin et al.

Anonymous said...

Vick is an ultra-violent criminal. He is well past the point of no return. He did not "serve his time" for the violent crimes he committed. He got off easy. As is typical of those of his ilk, he is also a manipulative crybaby, portraying himself as a victim. Disgusting. Compared to those dogs, he has not suffered a twinge, and he has no remorse. Because he could play football, he thinks that his $h!* is ice cream, and evidently, so do H$U$ and the NFL.

YesBiscuit! said...

Tom G - I wrote this post for you. Personally.

Pai said...

lol, Tom, before you make asinine statements like 'Why aren't you whining about other dogfighters?', you should actually READ THIS BLOG besides just this one post. Otherwise you just make yourself look like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Ironic that HSUS would argue that Vick deserves a second chance when they testified in court that his dogs did not. Didn't they used to be an animal advocacy group?