Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't Worry About Hurting My Feelings

I've been around the block. And I love intelligent, respectful discussion and debate. I also love humor, snark and lawling. But I hate rulez. So I'm not going to make any. Instead, we're going to have words:

A. If you don't like this blog, please feel absolutely welcome to leave. There's the door.

B. If someone is posting my blog on an e-mail list or forum which you are a member of and you don't like it, feel free to contact the list/forum owner. *I* am not the one posting it there.

C. If you do not actually read the posts to figure out what they say but just want to complain about what you think they might say, you are just blowing smoke. Refer to A.

D. If you are a scumbag dogfighter, you will find no friend here. I would put you in jail myself if I could and find your poor dogs some decent owners who don't have their heads so far up their asses they need windows in their stomachs just to see where they are going.

Summary: This is my teeny corner of the internet where I can speak my mind, pin up my Johnny Depp posters and turn up "Moon River" really loud. Visitors welcome. Cowards and ding-dongs, not so much.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

lady you are full of shit. a PETA wanabe you post your blogg at a fourm i frequently am on. Asking us to donate our hard earring to save a dang chicken. i tell you what i will donate grill,wood,beer & my time if you bring the birds. yes i have pm the fourm owner & ask him to remove you. You must live in a perfect community that has no problems. because there must not be any family that works 80hr a week just to give there kids a good life. Nevermind them they dont need a vacation or any help because we have a chicken to save.

Walter said...

To anonymous, I have no idea what you just said, but I think it can best be summed up by stating that this blog does not ask you to donate you're "hard earring"s to save chickens. You can keep them in your ears. Maybe some of your earnings would be helpful though. But you know, if you have kids who need homes and food and such, you don't have to donate. Let's try this phrase on for size, "I would love to and I think it's a great cause, but I just don't have the money right now." Thanks for trying though.

EmilyS said...

Anon, you want to go over to HEATHER's blog; you can click on the, you know, LINK, that YB posted, to take you there. Then you can try seeing if HEATHER gives a rats ass what you think of her and the "save the chicken" thing.

p.s. could you go back to school and learn to read, comprehend and write in any language properly?

spotted dog farm said...

i LOVE moon river and johnny depp!!!

Semavi Lady said...

I love MoonRiver!
Send Johnny Depp!
I haven't had a Ding Dong in forever but they're good when frozen!

Heather Houlahan said...

I bet the brave and valiant Anonymous donates all his discretionary dollars to literacy programs for kids whose parents work 80 hour weeks.

I'm sure of it.

YesBiscuit! said...

Dear Anon,
Please refer to A, B, C, and D. And yes, let's def get together for a barbecue - with alcohol!

Rocambole said...

Don't care much about Johnny Depp or Moon River, but with working in this "summer in April" sun getting my broccoli raab in, I'd kill for a frozen Ding-Dong.

We in agriculture laugh at 80 hours a week doing our "job" -- that's why we amuse ourselves by convincing our friends to toss cash at a fellow practioner's favorite charity so that she has to spend 90 hours a week at her "job" and NOT be able to have a barbeque at the end! ;-)


Barb said...

I'm so confused... is Heather asking for earrings now?? I must have missed that message.

Actually that would be GREAT because I've got a bunch of earrings that I don't wear anymore, and I'll wrap them up and post them off to her post haste.

Save An Earring, Save A Chicken!