Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Treats on the Internets

Leona Helmsley's money is being doled out to various charities. Among the pet-related recipients: ASPCA, Canine Companions for Independence, Dogs for the Deaf, and Puppies Behind Bars.

An owner reminisces about a senior Pitbull she adopted from a shelter.

The owner of a PA Pitbull who bit an unattended kid after whelping a litter is allegedly letting the dog roam (again).

FDA is investigating the many reports of illness and death associated with Nutro pet foods over the past two years. ADDED: Nutro denies. UPDATE #2: Oh my. In a classic move, now FDA denies.

EPA is investigating a large number of adverse reactions reported with the use of spot-on flea and tick products such as Frontline Plus.

Two members of John Goodwin's alma mater ALF have been indicted on felony charges for targeting UCLA researchers.

Congress is holding a hearing on HR 669 on Thursday, April 23. Act now.

Kim Campbell Thornton has an article on home prepared pet feeding - and I am quothed.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Helmsley's money didn't end up going to HSUS. [mops brow in relief]

I'm also wondering if AR wack-o's were behind the recent polo pony massacre...

YesBiscuit! said...

Yeah HSUS and PETA were left at the altar on the Helmsley money.

I hadn't thought of that possibility on the horse deaths. My mind kept thinking "team favored to win" and "team had to withdraw". Then there's always some feed or supplement spiked with some melamine type substance to increase profits. I hope it's nothing sinister but so many falling over dead all at once doesn't sound like a coincidence.

Rinalia said...

Not too bad of an article from msnbc, all things considered.

Though it does rub me the wrong way that veterinarians have the audacity to claim they know more about nutrition than anyone else. Vets don't spend an inordinate time on nutrition, that's just a fact.

And even when they do...well, when I was at UC Davis studying animal science, animal nutrition was a required course. The professor was a leading figure in animal nutrition, particularly canine. He fed his dogs 'Ol Roy and was proud of it...even though he taught us that canines were biological carnivores (behaviorally opportunistic).

YesBiscuit! said...

Ol Roy. ha. I guess it's like the smoking cardiologist. Some people "know" but carry on rather differently.

Katie said...

The story about Brigitte is wonderful. Makes me miss my old Harv, and makes me slightly bitter that he didn't live until 17 also.

It also makes me sad she's already been hit by the "pit bulls eat babies" comments. Of course.

YesBiscuit! said...

I don't see why all our dogs can't live til *at least* 17. Here's hoping they all will...

Rinalia said...

Um, no, it wasn't "animal rights activist" (who generally don't go around poisoning horses, thank you very much) but a pharmacy error that led to the deaths of the horses.