Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Treats on the Internets

Nathan Winograd speaks his mind, as always, on HSUS and more

KC Dog Blog's current post on puppy mills led me to an older post offering ideas on how commercial breeders can be regulated.  Interesting discussion.

Patricia McConnell on reading canine body language at the dog park

Marion Nestle pokes at pig study

Obama Dog Mania:

Interview with Obama pup breeder at Pet Connection

Lassie, Get Help quashes the Obama puppy naysayers

Retrieverman: “Obama should have adopted” and other things whiners say

Obamas DID get a rescue dog, in a way


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Calsidyrose said...

Out here in Houston, the Obama Dog stuff was front page news because Bo's breeder lives in the Houston area. The Chronicle talked to other families who had purchased puppies from the litter that produced Bo. I'm just glad the First Family finally got their dog so the Prez can back to dealing with more important issues.