Thursday, April 23, 2009

SC Red Cross Shelters Won't Allow Pets of Fire Evacuees

Thousands of people have been evacuated due to wildfires in the Myrtle Beach area of SC. The Red Cross has set up shelters but, apparently learning nothing from Katrina, they don't take pets:
Pets are not allowed in the Red Cross shelters, however, arrangements are being made with Horry County Humane Society to bring in a mobile trailer with individual cages to house pets.

It's only April but already too hot to leave pets in the car:

Several residents headed to the North Myrtle Beach Fitness and Aquatic Center with their pets in tow, but left that shelter after learning they couldn't keep their pets there.

``There wasn't anyone left when they told us we couldn't have animals,'' said Sharon Slater of North Myrtle Beach.

Many residents are keeping their pets in their vehicle or walking them outside The House of Blues.

I am in the midlands (not near the fires) of SC but if you have been evacuated and need assistance with your pets, please contact me. I will try to help in any way I can.

This post will be updated if I come across additional news on the shelter situation.

UPDATE: Various messages on Twitter about places to stay that accept pets. Also, Google maps on affected areas.


Anonymous said...

FIRE: Video searches to help identify damaged homes
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC
Video searches will be conducted today at Barefoot Resort to help residents learn if their homes were damaged or destroyed by fire overnight, according to North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley. Officials are trying to determine how they will let ...
The video from the scene:
Myrtle Beach Fires

Anonymous said...

Ask the red cross chapter to contact Noahs Wish, to set up a shelter for the pets. They do this usually within walking distance of the red cross shelters if they can so people can visit walk and have time with their animals. The request needs to come formally from the jurisdiction, a pet owner cant call, this organization is national. Email me if you have questions, I am a trained noahs wish volunteer.