Saturday, April 25, 2009

APHS Pitbull Policy: No Evaluation, No Adoption, Just Kill

How many dumbass ideas can you fit into one short article? A Texas TV news site goes for broke:

To keep animal attacks down, Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society (APHS) is euthanizing all pit bulls at the shelter if their families do not claim them in 72 hours.

ProNews 7 learned pit bulls are just "not eligible" for adoption to new families.

Humane society officials said they're a "problem breed" and they have the numbers to back it up. Since October, they’ve recorded 51 bites from pit bulls.


"If they're going to continue to be irresponsible, then maybe limiting the population will be a good thing," said Shannon Barlow of Amarillo Animal Control.

The article provides the "numbers to back it up". And I call SHENANIGANS on those numbers! Who ID'd the dogs involved in the bites? The overwhelming majority of bites were by "all other dogs" - what breeds were they? These stats are being reported by the people KILLING dogs with no known bite history! The only thing these dogs are "guilty" of is getting picked up the the local "Humane Society". Anyone else getting the stench of rat?

And where does a public servant get off pulling this Mother Hen crap? I suspect the community she's paid to serve would not support her "You're all bad people so I'm going to kill these dogs" philosophy. And does the 72 hour hold for stray Pitbulls apply to all strays or do non-Pits get held for longer?

APHS, please get out of the sheltering business already and take your mindless Pitbull killers with you. We are the real humane society. Join us.


spotted dog farm said...

What's even worse is that many shelters do this, they are just a little less blatant about it. Often, depending on the layout of the shelter, pit bulls are kept off the adoption floor - discouraging redemption as well as adoption.

Susan said...

I really wonder whether there's something in the water in Texas that kills brain cells. SO much ridiculous crap comes out of that state.

Anonymous said...

The 72 hour hold is, I believe, state law (My googlefu is failing me, but I'll post to confirm once I've talked to my ACO friend, who I should see on Tuesday when I go in to do shelter walk.)

Blargh. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Pit Bulls can be a misunderstood breed- with love, proper training and a loving environment these dogs are great. I was bit 17 times on my arm while I was transporting a dog that I was planning on adopting from a family. It seemed like a nice dog-it was part border collie /lab. We passed by some cows and the dog got into the front seat, got scared and attacked me. This mess could have been so easily avoided had I brought a long a crate.

Anonymous said...

Make sure if you go to adopt a puppy that you bring a crate. Dogs can act unpredictably I was transporting a 6 month old lab- border collie mix puppy that I had adopted and the dog got off of it's leash in the back seat-Got into the passenger side and then attacked me numerous times while I was driving. What a mess. I was able to control the car. The bites were on the arms-luckily not on my face. This was a nice dog that had been living with children. Apparently when we passed by some cows it got scared aggressive and then attacked me. Lesson- Dogs can act in an unpredictable manner and when transporting a dog -even if you know the animal, keep it in a crate.

alyssa bell said...

Thats's absolutely ridiculous, just because a couple of pit bulls have bitten doesnt mean that they are all bad... It's normally because of how they were raised or they have diseases! It's not their fault and they deserve a chance to. I mean look at murderers they get a trial... so should these dogs! Just because they are pit bulls doesnt mean that they are killers and people are just so damn ignorant and politically correct that they think they know everything about that certain breed! Thats just ridiculous!