Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let's Play Oddball

I always take spiders outside because I believe in karma - and because of this.

Not to be outdone, a sparrow may have seen a spider in his house too.

Animal control in WA: We don't do emus.

In a bush outside the press briefing room at the White House - a new family.

Pig owner says, “I just got them because they were so interesting to look at.”

Home Depot in Arkansas gets free pest control.

Right whale run over by federal ship out to protect it.

Your hourly dose of Swine Flu hysteria. Or not.


jan said...

Spiders, owls, bats and snakes all help control creatures that people don't like. It's too bad these wonderful predators get such bad press that puts people in a frame of mind to destroy them.


Wow, kinda cool that both of us just made posts about spiders..that was freaky and cool at the same time.

Plus the mental image of some dude squealing like a girl trying to kill a spider with a lighter did amuse me. :P

And the pig flu thing totally made me LOL. XD

Cait said...

Emus are freaky - I wouldn't want to try and corral one either! Freaky dino birds!