Saturday, August 15, 2009

What is a Rape Rack?

Ever since Vick was signed to the Eagles, this blog has been deluged with Googlers trying to find out what a rape rack is and what it has to do with Michael Vick. I'm writing this brief post to answer those queries.

A rape rack (aka "rape stand" or "breeding stand") is a torture device used to force a bitch in heat to allow a male dog to breed her against her wishes. As a breeder, I have always believed "bitches know best" - that is, most bitches will mate willingly with most dogs and if my bitch ever refused a particular male, I would follow her lead. Mating is an instinctive act for dogs and therefore, if a female wants nothing to do with a certain male, I have to believe she may instinctively have a reason for it. And if I'm wrong in my thinking - so what? I'd still never force a bitch to be bred against her will. Luckily I've never encountered that problem.

The idea of justifying the use of a rape rack because it "protects the male" is hogwash. Normal dogs need no extreme "protection" during mating such as this evil device provides. And if a female is so aggressive she refuses all suitors, well obviously that is not normal and you wouldn't want to breed from her anyway.

According to published reports, authorities found a rape rack (among other things) on Michael Vick's property during the 2007 dogfighting raid.


lpyrbby said...

Supposedly, for pit bulls its "more common" and "accepted" because of the level of dog aggression that these animals can exhibit. The "protection" that this offers the male is to help reduce the possibility of a fight during mating.

I think it's sick, no matter which way you look at it. You are absolutely right that if the bitch approved of the male, they'd make it happen. The rape stand is just another way for man to intervene.

Anonymous said...

He did employ some other methods to "make it happen" as well, like pulling every single tooth in one of his top breeding dogs so she'd be less able to resist.

Heather Houlahan said...

The same gizmo is used for, err, "manual mating" of such fine genetic specimens as English bulldogs.

Not because they fight, or the female rejects the male as such, but because the entire operation is physically accomplished by a ... well, let's say "human" ... as the dogs don't have the athletic skill or motivation to pull it off.

"Mating cradle." Right.

Anonymous said...

lol. It's just a tool that some folks use to ensure that a safe breeding takes place. Not necessarily because the bitch is overly dog-aggressive, but she may be nervous and/or on edge and prone to causing accidental injury to the male. Horse and cattle breeders utilize breeding stands as well.
Dogs have no concept of "rape", this is pure propaganda brought to us by anti-pit bull (Anti-breeding) organizations such as the H$U$ and PETA.

YesBiscuit! said...

Oh Anonymous,
There is a "tool" here but it's not the rape rack.
How to ensure a "safe breeding" takes place: allow Mother Nature to work her magic.
It's instinctive behavior, not requiring human intervention and indeed, those who intervene overly have brought us to the shameful position we are in now as far as genetics and health.

Kristen said...

If you have to force an animal to mate with another than they have no business mating in the first place. I have been around pit bulls my entire life and have seen quite a few litters come into the world. I have also seen pit bulls mate many times. In none of these situations has anyone has to intervene at all. you let the dogs do what they do naturally. they jump around a lot and play with each other usually but nothing that would cause any damage to the other dog. for any animal to have to be held down and forced to allow mating is inhumane. Please if there is another name for a female unwilling to mate being strapped down so the male can mount her besides rape you let me know.

Anonymous said...

There are more humane ways to "artificially inseminate" a dog than using the rape rack. There are some breed that do require help from humanes like the English Bulldog. Pit Bulls are not one of those dogs. If there are any agressivness in the dog then you do not want to mate it anyways. That is a bad gene that people have bred into these dogs and that is how they got their bad rep. It is not their fault it is the humans that do things like this. There is no need for the "rape rack". If she wants to breed then she will. Like I said no one should be breeding agressive dogs so there is no need for the "rape rack".

Rawr said...

What a bunch of PETA-ish BS.

My dog loves eating cat shit, rocks, dead carcasses and donuts.

I guess I should let my dog eat these things because "the dog knows best" right?

Animals are not people. "Rape racks" are not natural, but neither is keeping and breeding dogs for our amusement.

If breeding stands are rape, then keeping and breeding these dogs purposefully and retarding their instincts so they are dependent on humans is "enslavement," and you people are no better than slave owners.

Joyce said...

I hope to enlighted everyone on the history of the "Rape Rack"
It was invented by an American Psycologist Harry Harlow.
Harlow was well known for refusing to use conventional terminology, and instead chose deliberately outrageous terms for the experimental apparatus he devised. The tendency arose from an early conflict with the conventional psychological establishment in which Harlow used the term "love" in place of the popular and archaically correct term, "attachment." Such terms and respective devices included a forced-mating device he called the "rape rack," tormenting surrogate mother devices he called "Iron maidens," and an isolation chamber he called the "pit of despair" developed by him and a graduate student, Stephen Suomi, now director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's Comparative Ethology Laboratory, at the National Institutes of Health.

Michelle said...

Joyce, I don't think that Harlow's apparatus naming was as much hyperbole as you might think. The 'Pit of Despair' screwed monkeys up so badly that when they were artificially inseminated (they refused to mate) and had babies, they ate their fingers and toes and smashed their heads. It really was a 'pit of despair.'