Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Berkshire Eagle Publishes Letters About No Kill Shelters

Did you know that no kill shelters are places where "enslaved" pets are kept alive for our pleasure? Me neither but that's what one reader wrote in a letter to a MA newspaper:
Folks, put yourself in their position. Wouldn't you rather be dead?
God but I hope I don't get this guy on my insurance company "death panel".

Another reader wrote a letter in response:
No-kill shelters aren't there to just keep any old animal around to pawn off on some unsuspecting soul who thinks they want a new pet. They take much time and effort to work with the animals and the adopters to ensure that the animal will go on to live a long and healthy life with their new forever home.
OK, whew. For a second there I thought...


Anonymous said...

I wish someone would 'enslave' me under the kind of conditions I subject my dogs to...

Pibble said...

I'm with smartdogs.

When I'm no longer of use to anyone, I want to find myself at our no-kill shelter rather than the state-run nursing home I fear I will end up in!