Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cruelty is Not a Color

Former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton is campaigning for Congress. It was on his watch that the Memphis Animal Shelter abused and starved pets to death. But he thinks the indictment of 3 former shelter employees on cruelty charges is just dumb. And besides, they only got indicted because they're black:

He referred specifically to Friday’s word that three Memphis Animal Shelter employees, including former shelter director Ernest Alexander, had been indicted on state animal cruelty charges. Alexander, a Herenton appointee, was the first administration casualty when A C Wharton Jr. became mayor in October.“This so called justice system of ours – they are about to send three black people to jail about some dogs,” Herenton said.

And to clarify, when Herenton says "about some dogs", he means dogs that came in to the shelter healthy and waggy and ready for new homes but left as skin and bones in trash bags. And Herenton used taxpayer money to pay the shelter staff to do it. But yeah, the skin color of those involved is totally relevant.


Janet, Gus, and Gracie said...

why is this so hard for some people to understand? Cruelty is cruelty, no matter who does it or why.

Retrieverman said...

This congressional race is always interesting. It is a majority African-American district, but its member of congress is a Jewish man named Cohen. It's one of two districts in which a majority African-American district is represented by a non-African American. The Democratic Primaries are always nasty in this district.

Cohen is pretty liberal. I don't know what the big deal is. I don't care what color a person is. The policies have to be correct.

I believe Cohen is the only member of the Tennessee delegation who is in the progressive caucus, which should tell you a lot.

Susan said...

Yep...and Michael Vick did his thing because it was "part of his culture" so we were being too harsh.

It does not excuse conduct by 21st century citizens, but I would be interested in a study of whether, because of the historic misuse of dogs to track and capture Black Americans, the Black community harbors distrust and hostility towards today's dogs, who never played any such role.

Pai said...

"Yep...and Michael Vick did his thing because it was "part of his culture" so we were being too harsh."

The people who said that obviously were completely clueless as to just how racist it is to claim wanton brutality is a 'normal part of Black culture'. Ironic.