Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buckets of Blood

Today, additional information on the dogfighting bust in York Co, SC which included the discovery of a fighting pit in a wooded area. Three men were charged with dogfighting and thirteen Pitbulls were seized:
The trail through the woods led to a pit. Among the branches of the surrounding trees, temporary lights had been strung.

The base of the wooden pit was stained with blood, and buckets of blood rested beside the pit.

Some 100 feet from the pit, a pack of pit bulls were confined, scars apparent on their bodies.


Officers also found a paddle used to separate dogs during a fight, [Lt. Mike Baker] said.

The pit bulls weren’t badly injured but had signs of being hurt in fights in the past, Baker said. The animals’ living conditions didn’t meet county standards.


Deputies destroyed the pit with chainsaws so it can’t be used again.

From there, the news gets even worse:

This is not the first time at least one of the men charged has been in trouble for something like this. Antoni Orr was sentenced to two years probation for torturing, fighting and baiting animals in March of 2000.

Golly gee willikers, seems like that non-punishment for animal fighting didn't teach Mr. Orr any lessons. But wait - there's even more bad news:

The men willingly turned over 13 pit bulls to authorities. The dogs are now being housed at York County Animal Control and all have scarring consistent with dog-fighting.

"We do know they are aggressive to other animals which is why they are being housed in separate cages," said Chris Peninger with the York County Animal Control.

The pit bulls take up nearly 1/3 of Animal Control's available space. Unless they are returned back to the owners, they will have to be destroyed.

It's not the dogs' fault they are taking up 1/3 of the shelter's space. Nor are they to blame for having been abused. Every dog deserves a fair evaluation.


Pibble said...

So return them to the owners (so they'll be fought/injured/killed) or kill them outright. Does this make any sense at all? You're absolutely right - an evaluation, and a fair one, is deserved by each one of those animals. By someone who knows what they're doing.

And yeah, that probation was real effective. Just ask the dogs.

Heather Houlahan said...

Hmmmm ... "buckets of blood?"

This is not consistent with the animals being alive.

Unless they were dumping pig blood on the fat awkward pimply dog as a tasteless prank.

I suspect what they found was water buckets that were used for washing the dogs during the pit fighting.

Hyperbole does not enhance credibility.

Yes, these fight bust dogs deserve an evaluation. Do the other dogs in the same pound get one?

They'll have to be held until there's a legal ruling as to their fate. That could take some time. Will anyone be trying to work with them during that mandated hold period? Or will they be warehoused until they are genuinely kennel crazed, and guaranteed to "fail" an evaluation?

YesBiscuit! said...

I was talking about the buckets of blood curiosity with Billy last night as neither of us had ever heard of this before. He came up with a possible explanation - the buckets had animal blood in them, maybe from deer, and were kept around the pit and near where the dogs were kept (not far, according to the article) in order to keep the "taste for blood" frenzy going. Not saying either of us believe that would work, just tossing around ideas. The explanation of water mixed w/blood sounds pretty reasonable to my mind.