Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seeking BFF

I was just checking back on NC's Alexander Co shelter site to see if the senior dog who looked like she had just whelped a litter was still listed. She isn't although the 2 puppies still are. I wonder what happened to her.

While browsing the listings, I came across this dog (pictured) who is listed as a "Hound mix" but looks like a Pointer to me, albeit an emaciated one. He was picked up as a stray and put up for adoption on February 17 after no one claimed him. I bet he'd be a nice pet.


Eric said...

I found a listing for the puppies on a pit-bull chat forum, and inquired about the older female. They responded that she had been adopted, which is excellent! I almost drove up there to get her myself after seeing that photo you posted.

Anonymous said...

Oh you all made my day - the older female has been on my mind since I saw her - made a phone call but wrong day...anyway thanks for the wonderful update -