Friday, February 12, 2010

Treats on the Internets

Fired Animal Control officer Alonzo Esco, accused of shooting pets and dumping them in a MS creek, will likely face charges

AKC lists most popular AKC registered dog breeds for 2009 - Labs, GSDs, Yorkies, Goldens and Beagles are tops

Residents of Chatham Co, NC can get their Pitbulls neutered for free this month

Legislation allowing TNR of feral cats in Idaho has been introduced - two commenters claiming to be Vets respond to the article negatively

Memphis, TN news:

Memphis Animal Shelter (MAS) is behind on responding to calls from the public - about 800 calls behind. The new director starts March 1.

Supporters of fired MAS director say the raid and abuse photos were all a set up

Local group working to get a free spay-neuter program established in Memphis


Valerie said...

"Not the same dog" indeed. Because no dog is the same after weeks of starvation.

KateH said...

Wow, those comments from 'vets' really are suspicious. The first one, I'd bet money, is a strangely good speller of an AR nut. I've never known any vet to be so vehement about disease - and to say that domesticated cats transmit all those diseases to wild cats. Bobcats and cougars don't hang around kitties - if they did we'd have heard of these transmissions before. Also, I don't know of a single vet who would yell like that that every cat must stay indoors - that's bad client relations, especially in a rural state like Idaho (not withstanding Boise being a city).