Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around, Anti-Fur Activists!

Personally, I am anti-fur. You know why I think more people are not anti-fur? Cos we can't even broach the subject in our society without bringing the Batshit Crazy:
[U.S. Olympic figure skater Johnny] Weir was criticized by animal-rights activists after he donned a costume in nationals with white fox fur on the shoulder.
[H]e received threats from anti-fur activists that made him fear for his safety, causing him to scrub any plans to stay at a hotel while in Vancouver for the Olympics.

"I felt very threatened," he said Saturday. "I'm not allowed to say how everything got through, but my agent got letters and faxes and e-mails. I got letters at the ice rink, somebody found my phone number.

"All these crazy fur people. Security-wise, to stay in a hotel would be very difficult. There have been threats against me. I didn't want to get hurt."

Gee, I wonder how receptive Weir will be in future to education on fur farming. I'm guessing slightly less than zero. It would have been a good opportunity to share an opposing view without condemnation but that's probably lost now. And it's a shame because I have no doubt he will be a huge fashion designer one day soon. So thanks all you death threat mailing, bucket of red paint throwing, creepy stalker types - way to help your cause.

Also, do not mess with Johnny Weir. I luvs him.


jan said...

I can't help thinking Johnny might be using the occasion to garner some publicity for his Olympic appearance.

As we learned years ago, for the figure skaters any publicity is good publicity if it attracts attention.

mb. said...

I blame 101 dalmations (really I do) with that crazy Cruella lady & her fur obsession. It also explains why we don't hassle leather wearing bikers in quite the same way.

Pai said...

A lot of these people are hysterical because they believe the animals are skinned alive. Theres a PETA video floating around of some guy skinning animals alive, which they claim is how they do it in China... nevermind that skinning a struggling, bleeding animal would ruin the pelt and be dangerous to the handler.

And I also call B.S. on the hypocrisy of these people's constant harping on fur with nowhere near the same amount of public outrage over people wearing leather, which is far more common in society nowadays anyway.

Independent George said...

You're making a common error - the point is not to change people's minds. The point is to demonstrate your own purity and moral superiority.