Monday, February 15, 2010

Craigmont City Council Jonesing for a Dog Killing

Although this story seems complicated, from what I can tell, these are the basics:
  • A Pitbull called Butch somehow escaped from his Craigmont, ID home when the owner wasn't there and ran up to a 3 year old boy in August 2009.
  • The kid happened to be the son of the town's "dog catcher".
  • The owner talked to the Mother of the kid the day the escape occurred and was told the boy had not been bitten.
  • At some point later, allegations of biting and "bad acts" were made against the dog (I'm not clear who made the accusations but it doesn't seem as if any proof was offered).
  • The city council took custody of the dog and held a closed hearing on the matter which they did not record. They did not provide the owner with information in advance and refused to hear all of the owner's evidence. The council ordered the dog killed in September 2009.
  • The owner has been fighting in court to save Butch since then and is now taking her case to the ID Supreme Court.
  • Butch is still in the custody of the city council.
Is it just me or does this whole thing stink of small town politics? I'm guessing this isn't the first time a loose dog has "charged" a child in Craigmont so how has the council handled these cases in the past? Have they killed the dogs after holding closed hearings of which there are no records? Or is Butch being treated differently because he's a Pitbull and because the kid he ran up to is the son of the local dog catcher? I don't know anything about Craigmont but that city council is stinking up the joint something awful.


Pibble said...

So, a dog got loose, ran up to a child, did NOTHING according to the artice, but the AC is trying as hard as they can to find a reason to kill the dog and break the family's heart. K. I get it.

(And "bad acts" sounds really, really weird. Like, child molester weird.)

Yup, reeks of small town politics and a Pit Bull witch hunt.

Liz said...

Sounds like they're just LOOKING for an excuse to point the finger at a "Pit Bull." Typical.

Social Mange said...

Doesn't this burg have REAL problems to deal with?

Sounds like a witch hunt to me.